Who we are

Cabot Lyman


Phone: 207-354-6904
Fax: 207-354-8176

Drew Lyman


Phone 207-354-6904
Fax: 207-354-8176

Bill Belyea

Director of Production

Steve Tofield

New Business Development

Steve Crane


Jonathan Egan

Metal Fabrication Shop Manager

Mackenzie Lyman

Advertising and Marketing

Marnie Read

PR and Marketing

Annie Lannigan

Lyman-Morse @ Newport Shipyard
New boat, Brokerage and Service Sales

Office: 401-619-5350
Mobile: 941-374-3742

Scott Layton

Yacht Broker / New Business Development / Customer Service

Lance Buchanan

Project Manager

Toby Teele

New Construction Systems Foreman

Damien Kent

Electrical Systems Manager

Ted Smith

Service Yard Manager

Don Ritchie

Service Yard Carpentry Manager

Scott Esancy

Service Yard Systems Foreman

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