Boat Service & Storage Rates

Encompassing a total of 20 acres across our properties in Thomaston and Camden, Lyman-Morse has the facilities and highly trained staff to store, service, and commission yachts up to 150′. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your yacht in top condition and ready for whatever adventures you have in mind.

Click Here to read about Lyman-Morse’s major working waterfront improvement project in Camden, which will upgrade our marine service facilities and shoreside amenities.


Service Rates 2021

Hauling or Launching:

  • One-Way: $8/ft. + labor*
  • Quick-Haul: $10/ft. + labor
  • *8/ft. waived for storage customers


  • Diver: $155/hour
  • Assistant (if required): $80/hour
  • Minimum Charge: 1 hour


  • Awlgrip: $85/hour
  • Varnish/brush paint: $73/hour
  • Canvas/Upholstery: $80/hour
  • Clean (exterior and interior)/Polish/Deck Scrub: $60/hour
  • Electronics IT/Computer Labor: $90/hour
  • Outboard Mechanic: $85/hour
  • Project Manager: $85/hour
  • Design: $95/hour
  • CNC Machine: $95/hour
  • Carpentry: $80/hour
  • Electrical: $83/hour
  • Metal Fabrication: $77/hour
  • Fiberglass/Composites: $77/hour
  • Mechanical: $80/hour
  • Hydraulic: $90/hour
  • General Yard Labor: $77/hour
  • Rigging: $80/hour
  • Refrigeration/AC: $90/hour
  • Minimum Charge: 1/2 hour
  • Environmental Surcharge: 2% of materials charges (to offset expenses incurred to comply with expanded EPA & OSHA regulations)
  • Consumables Material Surcharge: 4% of labor charges

Equipment Fees:

  • 30-ton or 35-ton Yard Crane: $150/crane + labor*
  • *$75/crane + labor for storage customers

Boat Storage (does not include hauling/launching labor):

  • Inside (Winter), Cold: $9/sq. ft
  • Inside (Winter), Heated: $14/sq. ft
  • Wet (Winter – Camden only): $50/linear ft.
  • Inside (Summer): $5/sq. ft.
  • Wet (Summer – Thomaston only): $45/linear ft.
  • Weekly (Summer): $300 + labor
  • Daily (Summer): $60 + labor
  • Outside (Winter): $65/linear ft./season
  • Frame & Cover: $29/linear ft.
  • Outside (Summer): $35/linear ft./season
  • Outside (Summer): $1/sq. ft./season
  • Outside (Summer): $1/sq. ft.
  • Outside (Summer-Multihull): Rate per quote

Mast Storage (Masts, Booms & Furling Headstays) per season:

  • With boat storage: $3.75/linear ft.
  • Without boat storage: $6.25/linear ft. (if available)

    Container Storage:

    • Per quarter; $300
    • Per month: $125
    • Up to 40′

    Dinghy Storage:

    • Up to 12′: $175/season
    • Over 12′: $275/season

    Outboard Storage:

    • Up to 40 hp.: $100/season + labor
    • Over 40 hp.: Per quote + labor

    Battery Storage & Charging:

    • Remove for winter with periodic charge: $35/battery + labor
    • Left aboard boat: Labor + materials


    • Winter season is September 30 to May 15. Shorter periods will not be pro-rated.
    • All boats stored outside must be covered.
    • 50% Storage deposit required with signed storage agreement.
    • Invoices for storage, service fees, and other charges may be paid with a credit card, however a three percent (3%) convenience fee will be applied on any payments over $5,000.
    • “No Cash. No Splash.” All bills must be paid before the boat leaves the yard.
    • Invoices will be mailed monthly and are due upon receipt. A service charge of 1.5%/month (18% annually) will be added to balances 30 days past due.
    • Lyman-Morse is not a “do it yourself” yard. Any owner/crew work desired needs to be approved by the service manager. However, the yard’s shop equipment and tools will not be available for personal use. No work may be performed on boats or equipment while they are located inside a Lyman-Morse building. Any debris left around the yard will be cleaned up at the boat owner’s expense.
    • No work may be performed by outside contractors or other paid workers unless previously arranged. All contractors must provide a certificate of insurance. Contractors and paid workers must register at the office before performing any work. We reserve the right to assess a subcontractor fee.
    • In order to comply with environmental regulations, all bottom sanding and scraping must be performed in conjunction with an approved collection system. Waste must be disposed of properly.
    • All vehicles must be parked with keys available to the yard and are left at the owner’s risk.
    • Rates are subject to change without notice.
    • Lyman-Morse reserves the right to assess a surcharge for fuel and utilities if costs rise above our anticipated costs.
    • Storage and repairs by Lyman Morse Boatbuilding, Inc. are performed in accordance with the general terms and conditions found on our website at unless otherwise agreed to in writing. The General Terms and Conditions are also available upon request.