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Despite 30 years in the making, Petrel was largely a 32’ hull and deck with a forward and aft bulkhead and miscellaneous pieces and parts when she arrived at Lyman-Morse.   She arrived by truck from the owner’s home in West Bath and settled in for a winter-long work list to get her completed and ready to sail the following spring.   

The owner, Jay Paris, is an experienced yachtsmen who designed the boat himself.  Jay's basic brief to himself was for a small ocean-capable shoal-draft cruising boat with narrow beam and a long waterline. Her hull, built by Walter Greene back in 1983, is wood-epoxy over an Airex core. He served as project manager for the project, ensuring that everything was to his exacting standards. 

While she did have an engine, time had taken its toll, requiring that it be rebuilt.  Lyman-Morse also installed the systems.  We installed the galley, and shelving in the forward berth.  We installed a portion of the cabin sole and completed the companionway.  We built the centerboard and she received a new Selden carbon fiber mast.  She received new varnish, her name and hail were refinished, and she made her debut at the Rockland Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Show in August 2012.

For some more photos and details about the boat, visit Sail Magazine’s blog.  Charlie Doane visited Jay Paris for an afternoon sail aboard Petrel.


Layout and Design



A maxi trailersailer suitable for coastal cruising and offshore passage. 

  • Accommodations optimized for crew of two with berths and settees for four.
  • Readily singlehanded with all sail control lines leading to cockpit.


Modern interpretation of a traditional keel/centerboarder

  • Proportions similar to contemporary daysailer designs with longer waterline
  • Bulwarks mask house height and lower deck weights



The same useful volume of contemporary 28-30’ boats, albeit with 8’ beam

  • Drafts (Centerboard up/down – 2.75’/5.5’ shallow relative to waterline
  • Realistic payload allowance (20% of half-load displacement)
  • Long waterline keeps displacement-length ratio moderate


Hull Form

Narrow easily driven hull; seakindly, directionally stable and tolerant of overloading

  • Wine-glass sections have less frictional resistance than wetted surface might suggest
  • Fine, 12 degree half angle of entrance, forebody minimizes bow wave
  • Deep afterbody with semi-spade rudder extends below counter
  • Aft longitudal center of buoyancy keeps rudder immersed at large hull angles
  • Wide ballast keel with long keel flat centered near LCG allows the boat to be easily beached


Deck and House

Trunk cabin with inset forward cockpit

  • Forward cockpit becomes softop pilothouse with dodger raised
  • Raised hatch box provides headroom with low outboard profile.


Hull and Deck Fittings

Custom fabrications include CuNi centerboard trunk and multifunction bowsprit

  • Dorades (2), opening portlights (10), forecabin ventilation hatch
  • Centerline primary winch convenient to both cockpits
  • Midboom traveler allows setting dodger to mizzen awning under sail



Innovative low windage fractional rig with permanently bent carbon mast having unstayed upper panel, sweptback diamond shrouds and single lowers

  • Roller reefing self-tacking club jib with midclub sheeting to foredeck traveler, roller furling yankee and asymmetcial set flying
  • Keel stepped 43’ mast can be raised by crew without outside assistance



Speed over 5.5 knots with 10hp diesel.  Space for optional 20hp diesel.




Systems arranged for serviceability




Narrow beam; relatively high, long narrow house and low VCG yield outstanding self-righting capacity.

LOA: 32'
LWL: 27.5'
Beam: 8'
Min. Draft: 2.75'
Max. Draft: 5.5'
Displacement: 8960 pounds
Designed By: Jay Paris
Builder: Jay Paris
Model: P-32 (Petrel of West Bath)
Boat Engine: Yanmar 10 hp diesel
Horsepower: 10 hp

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