Lyman-Morse has the facilities and staff for all coatings projectsOur special high-ceiling, 100′ x 30′ paint bay ensures high-quality spray painting. It is fully ventilated, well-lighted and has in-floor heating. We primarily use Awlgrip, but our coatings team also has experience with many other types of paints like Alexseal and Sterling.

Our varnishing experience and skills are second to none and we will often use the paint bay to accomplish a dust-free job.

  • There are several heated storage buildings that we use during the winter for our varnishing and other work.
  • Many small areas are kept dust-free for varnishing small parts.
  • A new paint and varnish building for small parts includes a fully insured spray booth for varnish and paint.
  • Highly skilled spray gun operators perform all paint and varnish work, including on masts and booms.
  • In addition to finishing the furniture that goes into our yachts, we perform coatings projects for businesses and homeowners, including work on antique cars, custom hand painting, and other projects.