A man on a mission, Stanley Paris came to us in 2010. He wanted to not only break 55 yr-old Dodge Morgan’s record breaking 1986’s circumnavigation in a cruising sailboat of 150 days. Stanley wanted break the record and establish a new record by departing from St. Augustine Florida – oh and he would be 76 – setting a new record as the oldest person to do so.

Alas, he made two attempts in 2013 and 2014. Both ended in Cape Town, So. Africa. Hardly a defeat and very few sailors or boats can claim to have as many miles under her keel.

Below are the thoughts and thinking that went into this project.

An easy to manage sail plan had never been more important; Bruce Farr and his team have designed and engineered the Paris 63 for speed, sea kindliness, safety and ease of handling. The hydraulic lifting keel will provide excellent offshore performance with a draft of 14’9”. The keel lifts to 8’7” to access most of the world’s harbors. The epoxy infused carbon, E-glass and Kevlar hull with a thermo-formed core will ensure a stiff light-weight hull while a water-ballast system allows the boat to be trimmed for speed and comfort. Looks-wise, the Paris 63 is classic Farr, the wide beam carried a long way aft allows for an excellent working cockpit and an expanse below that one finds on most yachts of over 70 feet. This enables the interior to give comfort even during the most arduous passages. Farr drew a hard dodger semi-enclosed cockpit to provide excellent protection from the weather. The coach roof can be used as a step to reef the main and the boat has been set up with solar panels around the deck and pilothouse very much like the Open 60s. The cockpit benches will be 7 feet in length for a sleeping option.

Why a Circumnavigation?

Stanley Paris: In part to honor the memory of the late Dodge Morgan who took the record for a circumnavigation in a cruise boat from 256 days down to 150 days. It’s time to show that it can be done in far less.

A circumnavigation above all tests/proves the boat as well as the skipper. At my age it would be impossible to mount a successful challenge if the boat were not designed for speed, sea kindliness, safety and ease of handling. Farr Yacht Design has made this blend and with the skills present in the Maine boating community I was pleased to be able to get Lyman-Morse, known for their quality, to take on this job.

For my part I have most of my life mixed my professional career as an educator with endurance events such as completing the World Championship Ironman Triathlon in Kona. By appropriate preparation athletes of my age can restore, maintain and enhance a high level of physical functioning provided they get the advice they need from a professional. Being a physical therapist helps me to lead a healthy and productive lifestyle and I recognize that while medicine and surgery may save lives no profession speaks to the quality of those lives better than does physical therapy. As a result I find this challenge most appropriate.

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For a write up in Cruising World on Stanley’s boat, click here:


  • loa 63'-8
  • lwl 57'-5
  • beam 17'-9
  • designed by Farr Yacht Design
  • builder Lyman-Morse
  • model Paris 63
  • year 2012
  • construction composite, vacuumed infused with epoxy and post cured
  • hull material eglass, carbon, kevlar, epoxy
LM Farr 63

Christening of Kiwi Spirit

Dr. Stanley Paris, discusses Kiwi Spirit, a custom designed 63-foot yacht, with the ultimate goal of sailing solo, non-stop, and unassisted, around the world. He will take on this incredible challenge at the age of 76, aiming to be the oldest person to ever accomplish such a feat. His voyage will be completely green, using no hydrocarbons whatsoever, while educating classrooms of children about his experience as he sails the globe.


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