While most applications of the Hunt V-hull use twin engines to take advantage of the comfortable Hunt high speed ride, there are other possibilities for modest speed and good fuel economy which are sometimes neglected.  Depicted here is a 42- foot cruiser with a single 300hp engine driving a propeller partially housed in a tunnel.  Full planing speed will be about eighteen knots, and fuel consumption a touch more than one nautical mile per gallon. At maximum displacement speed, eight knots, she will return some 2 nmpg. The use of a single engine not only halves the weight of the propulsion package, but it reduces the weight of fuel to be carried, and lighter weight means greater efficiency, earlier planing, and a less pronounced “hump angle” when in a semi-planing mode. Other benefits result from the use of a propeller tunnel; reduced draft, lower and more efficient shaft angle, and quieter operation. The V hull with chine flats and lift strips runs straighter and drier than a round-bilged hull, and is less inclined to roll, both under way and at rest.  Running at semi-planing speeds, the hard chine hull has the advantage of crisper water separation and reduced resistance.


  • loa 42'0
  • lwl 13'0
  • draft 2'5
  • fuel capacity 300 USG
  • water capacity 300 USG
  • designed by C. Raymond Hunt
  • builder Lyman-Morse
  • model Monhegan 42 Extended Cruiser
  • construction Composites
  • hull material Composites
  • configuration Extended Cruisers
  • boat engine Cummins QSB6.7
  • horsepower 425 hp
  • cruising speed 16 kts
  • top speed 20 kts

Monhegan 42 Extended Cruiser

Flyby- rendering of this new version of the Lyman-Morse built Monhegan 42. Also available in an Open, Cruiser and Flybridge.

Monhegan 42 Semi-Custom Motor Yacht

Team Lyman-Morse is pleased to be teaming up again with one of our most successful design partners – C. Raymond Hunt. Our latest collaboration is the Monhegan 42. This new design, our 18th with the venerable firm, will be available in four configurations – Flybridge, Cruiser, Extended Cruiser and Open – and with jet or traditional drives.


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