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Lyman-Morse's broad-ranging capabilities are showcased not only by the skilled people who work here, but also by our modern and expansive facilities. The combination of our state-of-the-art facility with some of the world's finest craftsmen has allowed us to develop many areas of expertise, both in the marine and non-marine world. We work with architects, interior designers, business and home owners, and boat owners to meet even the most unique need.

State of the Art Building

State of the Art green boat building facility

In early January 2007, we officially moved into our new temperature-controlled, energy-efficient, "green" building specially designed for large yacht construction, storage and service.

Site preparation for the state-of the-art building started in early June 2006 after many months of research and planning. The new 140-foot by 160-foot building with a height of 55 feet is tall enough to fit our 110-ton Marine Travelift that can transport yachts up to 130-feet in length. The new facility houses our large yacht service department, centralizes our management, and gives us the capability to build yachts well in excess of 140-feet overall.

The Varco/Pruden Building (VP Building) was built by Maine Coast Construction of Camden who built our new 10,000 square foot building at our Tenants Harbor facility in 2005. The new building, with two mezzanines, takes advantage of the latest advances in energy-efficient construction materials and will allow us to build boats with more energy-saving tools.

The building is constructed with high-energy efficient foam core Structural Integrated Panels (SIPS). Heat generated by the sun on the roof can be absorbed and transferred into a concealed, patent-pending collection system developed by Dawn Solar Systems, Inc of Brentwood, NH to provide greater energy security and lower operating costs. The lighting is energy-efficient and the 112 low E, thermal windows provide lots of natural light to the interior. The in-floor radiant heating is provided by four gas fired boilers that are rated at 92% efficiency. The solar system is designed to take care of the initial 40% of our heating needs. The gas boilers kick in as needed.

The 22,400 square foot building, with 39,000 square feet or working area, the largest at our 11-acre Thomaston complex, is cedar shingled to match the other storage and service building located near there. The building will allow us to meet the increasing global demand for construction of larger yachts and for the facilities to service them.

Of course, this building is just the icing on the cake to an otherwise extensive facility staffed by the finest yacht builders the world over. With 7 heated work buildings, we have over 55,000 square feet of space for refit and repair/ and boatbuilding.

Metal Fabrication Shop

In addition to constructing ocean going yachts and marine components, our fabrication shop designs and constructs architectural features, metal handrails, railings, stairs, fences, gates, doors/entrances, solar mounting kits and signage solutions. Our team has expertise in working with stainless, aluminum, bronze, steel and titanium. Our modern, 15,000ft2 Fabrication Shop features:

  • 85' by 150' by 22' high steel building
  • Radiant floor heating and air cleaners for a well-lighted, highly skilled shop that can meet any need.
  • CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • ASME Certified in Aluminum. AWS Certified FCAW & SMAW in Carbon Steel.
  • A myriad of equipment - benders, large cutters, presses, shears, large and small lathes, milling machines, large band saws, etc.
  • 5 ton bridge crane to help move large pieces into place.
Learn more about Lyman-Morse Fabrication

Rigging Shop

There three full time riggers with the necessary equipment to solve any problem or task.

  • Swaging machines
  • Expert splicing capabilities for running rigging and wire
  • Our own crane to pull rigs
  • A heated, fully-equipped shop rigging shop
  • Docks just outside the rig shop
  • Full capabilities for non-marine applications
  • Paint Bay for a fully controlled environment for spray painting masts and booms
  • Full access to metal fabrication shop on premises for immediate repairs and re-builds.

Canvas Shop

Our team of skilled fabricators are right here on site to work with owners to assist with the design, construction, installation, repair and maintenance of any canvas fabrication project.

Learn more about our canvas shop.

Paint and Varnish

Come look at our special high ceiling 100' X 30' paint bay for high quality spray painting. It is fully ventilated, well lighted and has in-floor heating. We are primarily an Awlgrip shop, but also have experience with many types of paints like Alexseal and Sterling.

Our varnishing experience and skills are second to none and we will often use the paint bay to accomplish a dust free job.

  • There are several heated storage buildings that we use during the winter for our varnishing and other work.
  • Many small areas that are dust free for varnishing small parts.
  • A new paint and varnish building for small parts with a fully insured spray booth for varnish and paint.
  • Highly skilled spray gun operators for paint and varnish. We do furniture in the boats as well as outside projects for businesses and homeowners in this area such as
    • Masts and booms.
    • Antique cars.
    • Custom hand painting

Cabinet Shop

We have based a lot of our reputation on our extremely fine cabinet work inside our boats. We design and build almost any type of woodwork whether a modern (European) look or traditional interiors all the way back to the "Herreshoff" style. Recently we have been designing and building furniture for the non marine sector — this includes:

  • Incredible beds - four posters, trundle, highly decorated and hand carved
  • Housing projects that include arched ceiling and curved valances that only boat builders really know how to do easily
  • Desks - paymaster types and traditional
  • Chairs - soft and comfortable, love seat, numerous tables, built in armoires and desks, ship cabinets and closets for houses
  • Modular units for boats ready to insert at the proper time
  • Time saver sanding machine, computer aided planers, ships' bandsaws. Shapers, dovetailers, etc — you name it and we probably have it
  • Full design capabilities - our shop has the ability to design and draw the piece before building. We can 3-d model on our computers using Rhino or a simple hand drawn perspective

Design Assistance, 3D Modeling and Drafting

Lyman-Morse has a team of full time designer/drafters using Autocad as well as Rhino and Solidworks for 3D modeling. They are the liaison between naval architects and the shop floor, assisting in the design process. They work with owners and naval architects on the details of plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, and all exterior solutions. While capable of working on non-marine projects such as residential housing, they are primarily involved in marine projects. Whether a re-fit or new build, they have the experience and skill to guide any project to the actual building phase.

In addition, they are fully capable of updating and creating the boat manuals required for the sophisticated level of boats being built today.

The designer/drafters work with the foremen, both on the computer and off, to accomplish the necessary tasks. Oftentimes the foremen lay out the project with the owners or naval architects and then transfer that information to drawing via the in-house team. The depth of experience and knowledge between them all is extraordinary and perhaps the best in the Industry – a tight knit group that communicates well.

Mechanical and Systems

The heart of almost any boat is the mechanical and systems side. Lyman-Morse prides itself on delivering a boat with system that will work. Whether an extremely complicated, state of the art electrical system or a more bullet proof, offshore cruising system we can work with you to develop the overall goal you are looking for. Our team of systems repairers and installers work together to deliver long life for any system we develop. Plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulics are done in-house. We know that the boat has to look great, but it also has to work great.


Our 20+ composite workers see a myriad of different materials come their way. From carbon skinned, Nomex cored, ultra-light construction to extensive repairs on heavily constructed fiberglass cruisers and everything in between our team can meet your needs with precision and speed. Since 1995 we have built all of our hulls using either the SCRIMP resin infusion process or pre impregnated composite systems. The resins are either epoxy or vinylester. We have worked extensively with carbon fiber, Kevlar, and E-glass systems and are familiar with any construction or repair required no matter how trivial.

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