Architectural & Residential

Camden church steeple, rebuilt in composites by Lyman-MorseAs our reputation for top-quality craftsmanship has spread beyond the marine industry, architects and homeowners have sought us out for their projects. Some of the non-marine architectural and residential work that we have completed recently includes:

  • Municipal projects – From rebuilding a wooden church steeple using low-maintenance composites to fabricating park amenities, our team has stepped up to help towns and cities.
  • Incredible beds – Four posters, trundle, highly decorated and hand-carved
  • Residential housing projects – Arched ceilings, curved valances: Architects use Lyman-Morse for projects that only boat builders really know how to do easily
  • Desks – Paymaster types and traditional
  • Chairs – Soft and comfortable, love seat, numerous tables, built-in armoires and desks, ship cabinets, and closets for houses
  • Modular units – Our team as created complete modules for boats, ready for builders to insert at the proper time
  • Full design capabilities – Our shop has the ability to design and draw the piece before building. We can 3-d model on our computers using Rhino or a simple hand-drawn perspective.
  • Cutting-edge equipment – Time-saver sanding machine, computer-aided planers, ships’ bandsaws, shapers, dovetailers, etc — you name it and we probably have it