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SpeedDream Test Sails Huge Success

After an extended period refining the design and testing the internal keel canting mechanism, SpeedDream27, a prototype for what will become the worlds fastest monohull, was launched and sailed off Rockland, Maine. As a completely experimental boat there was quite rightly some anticipation as to how things would work but on its maiden sail, with the first puff of wind, the boat heeled and keel flew. It was a moment to be celebrated as it’s the first time a boat with an extreme canting keel was able to sail, as designed, with the keel completely out of the water.

The project has been a banner partnership from the very beginning.  Vlad Murnikov, Brian Hancock, and Cam Lewis have be charismatic, understanding and energetic as we worked through the long process building the boat.  Their vast knowledge and pure drive to make this project a reality has been an inspiration to all of us.  The sparkle people get in their eyes when they see SpeedDream in our shed or on display at a boat show makes our hearts race, so when we finally had the opportunity to get SpeedDream out in Rockland Harbor, words couldn't describe the excitement.  

More to come, but for now enjoy these photos and video.  

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