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State of the Art Electronic Install

Ben Ellison advised the owner on this  state-of -the art electronics install on an 58' East Bay. The boat was recently launched and is undergoing sea trials:A wry line that applies to this and numerous other cutting-edge installs is: "Many things work!" (Though maybe not everything just yet.) This is the 58-foot yacht I mentioned in February when I met the owner at the Miami Show as he planned a nearly complete electronics update. Obviously he decided on the Furuno TZtouch displays that debuted that very day.  In fact, while the four TZT14's on this boat may be some of first installed anywhere and they're mixed with lots of non-Furuno gear to boot, they seemed to be working quite well. So nicely done, Furuno!  But I emphasize "seemed" because it takes a while to wring out a system as complex as this, especially when so much is happening preparatory to delivery day. Heck, guys were varnishing below even as we blasted up the St. George river at nearly 36 knots to check that yet another prop change had fixed vibration issues. And though the techs are joining the owner for the two-day delivery home, it's still unlikely that they'll get all the way through the "issues list." That's life on the cutting edge. Nonetheless, I think the owner is going to be very pleased with how close the system comes to his vision, and how well it will customize and expand to his future wishes...  read on

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