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LM takes 1st place in Toboggan Nationals

Lyman-Morse participated in the U.S. Toboggan National Championships this weekend in Camden, Maine -- and brought home First Prize in their division!

Historically a wooden sled only event, this year opened the entries to a new Experimental Class. The event organizers were seeing a trend in the more exotic looking sleds and wanted to keep the playing field even. While there are still a number of restrictions regarding size and weight, the construction material options are wide open after that. 

Using our expertise (and plenty of scrap material!), our teams constructed one sled out of pre-preg carbon fiber.  The other was constructed of Kevlar and E-glass.  Each sled weighed in at just under 70 pounds and held a team of four Lyman-Morse employees.

Calling themselves "Section 8", the carbon fiber team consisted of Roy Lupien, Jeremy Proctor, Albert Hutchinson and Mark Winston.  The Rum Runners rode the electric green kevlar sled.  Their team included Drew Lyman, Mike Unda, Jason Kaler and Don Ritchie.  Lupien, Proctor and Hutchinson constructed the toboggans in their spare time in the shop.   

Over 400 teams participated in the weekend's events.  Teams consisted of 2, 3, or 4 person crews.   While both LM teams raced to the finish line in just about 9 seconds, the Rum Runners were the only team to qualify for the finals.  They took home first place with a lightening fast time of 8.83 seconds, which was just under 40 miles per hour.  They also had the second fastest time amongst all competitors. 

WCSH came out on Friday during the practice session and caught the Rum Runners on film.  Check out the video to see some of the action.

Thousands of participants and fans came out to celebrate the weekend's events.  Many thanks to Peach Frederick for taking these excellent photographs of the final runs.  See you out there again next year!

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