Dick Benner's Retirement

Our "oldest employee", Richard Benner, celebrated his 90th birthday on Wednesday here at Lyman-Morse. 

Dick is the longest tenured employee at the yard.  He worked at the old Morse yard when Cabot bought it in 1978 and has been here since!  . 

Cabot shared several humorous stories from the "old days" when the team consisted of just 4 people.  Don Carrigan of WCSH6 was here to catch the story.  The Governor's office sent an official letter acknowledging Dick's years of service.  A representative from Husson College came to present Dick with an honorary boabuilding degree. 

Employees, friends and family came to celebrate the birthday, which also marked Dick's official retirement.  Though we won't be seeing him at his bench every day, he has promised to come in an visit with the crew often. 


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