ZeroBase Dependable Solar Power

Why is a well-known boat builder of high-end custom yachts involved in ZeroBase™? The marine industry has been involved with DC and AC power combinations for years and has the experience and expertise to design and build power units that are not dependent on the grid. Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Co. is working towards becoming a "green company" recently winning awards for its commitment to energy efficiency. Lyman-Morse has been installing wind power, solar power and generators for many years in different combinations on the yachts we build and at the yard. The marine industry is a leader in methods to manage and integrate sources of power away from the grid.

Lyman-Morse has partnered with Reluminati, a company offering energy conscious products using sustainable materials and built in the U.S., to bring you this plug and play, easily deployable, solar power unit. Other products from Reluminati include the Juice Bag backpack, messenger bag, day pack, and beach tote -- all with solar power built-in for charging accessories. These products are available at



Ideal for use outside the power grid, ZeroBase™ is perfect for island camps or homes, construction sites, cell phone towers, or any place that conventional power is not available. Many people simply need to be "off grid" for a variety of reasons and this power unit is configured to the customer's specifications and can be delivered on site fully capable. Just plug in.


With our aging and overloaded infrastructure there is a need for reliable back-up power without the bother and hassle of fossil fuel. Many of us live in areas where power outages are commonplace and short-lived, but do not want to listen to a generator or the constant upkeep of one. ZeroBase™ can be a silent back-up always on duty, but also able to lower your power bills while just sitting on site — a quiet alternative always standing by, fully charged, and ready to work when needed.


Katrina, 9/11, and Iraq have changed everything when thinking of emergency management. Fossil fuels simply were not available, hard to deliver, and a logistical nightmare. We are spending over three million dollars a month in Afghanistan just to fuel generators around Kabul to support cell phones. Our power unit can easily provide the emergency power that a municipality needs to maintain communications such as cell phones, street lighting for evacuations or orderly traffic (most street lights are now LED lighting). Utilities often need power from the grid to supply substations and other infrastructure. Banks need to keep computers running. Stores need their cash registers. The list is endless.


Many places are unable to connect to any type of power on a consistent basis. There is a large need to keep small clinics lighted, medicines refrigerated, village meeting halls lighted, and communications working, but there is often no expertise to design, install, or maintain any source of power. Refrigeration and potable water are several major uses for our solar boxes. ZeroBase™ is designed to be fully "playable" and difficult to "mess up" with limited access to the internal equipment for those not authorized.


ZeroBase™ is designed to integrate standard generators, solar, and wind power in one unit. We recognize that there are uses and reasons that a generator may be needed to help with power consumption and this unit is able to accommodate a standard generator built-in and fully integrated with solar and wind.