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The SpeedDream project is a quest to design the fastest monohull on the planet. The expectation is that SpeedDream will rival and possibly even exceed speeds achieved by comparably sized multihulls.  Some of the features that make SpeedDream unique include a slender, wave-piercing hull, ultimate canting keel and stabilizing hydrofoil that creates additional righting momentum and offsets displacement.  We are excited to take part in such a cutting-edge project and look forward to seeing where these technological innovations lead!

For more information visit speeddream.org.

March 8 Update

From Steve Tofield - Project Manager

The SpeedDream project is gaining momentum.   Vlad Murnikov’s conceptual designs have been refined and evaluated by Ross Weene and Rodger Martin of Roger Martin Design in Newport R.I.  We now have complete 3D models of the hull and deck that were used to our advantage in designing a fairly complex set of molds.   The mold frames were CNC cut by Boulder Hill in Warren, Maine and have been assembled on a traditional strong back.  The next step will be to sheath the frames creating female molds for both the hull and deck.   The sheathing will be multiple laminates of plywood coated in high temperature resin to withstand the heat required to cure the pre-preg carbon we will be using in the construction.  Before that however there are a few sailing hardware details being worked out at HARKEN that will be incorporated into the molds prior to producing the hull and deck.  Skip Mattos of Harken is working closely with Team SpeedDream to develop an extremely efficient sail handling system on a unique and radical sailing platform!

We will continue updating this part of the website as the SpeedDream 27 project takes form.  The next installment should see the completion of the molds and the beginnings of composite construction.


Layout and Design

· Delta-shaped hull, almost triangular in plan view, with a very narrow, wave-piercing bow to reduce resistance and improve seaworthiness.
· Maximum stability and sail carrying capacity due to the innovative Ultimate Canting Keel™ with a bulb that comes out of water to provide the highest possible Righting Moment while completely eliminating drag.
· Telescoping keel that retracts to reduce draft while in harbor and extends while sailing to maximize Righting Moment.
· Stabilizing foils to further improve stability and reduce drag by partially offsetting boat weight. Similar to the DSS foils pioneered by Hugh Welbourn, SpeedDream wings are used in combination with canting keel and, in addition to lift, provide lateral resistance.
· The resulting stability is far superior to all current keel boats while requiring only fraction of the ballast, thereby significantly reducing the total boat displacement.

· The innovative and practical deck layout and superstructure styling that keeps crew safe and deck free of excess water even at high speed.

LOA: 8.5m
Beam: 2.1m
Draft: 3.1m
Displacement: 690kg
Sail Area: Main 26㎡, JIb 19㎡, Gennaker 75㎡
Type: Sail/Racing
Designed By: SpeedDream™ Design Concept, developed by Vlad Murnikov
Builder: Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding
Year: 2012
Cruising Speed: FAST
Top Speed: FAST

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