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In 1986 Dodge Morgan on "American Promise" circumnavigated from Bermuda back to Bermuda in 150 days at age 55.

Dr. Stanley Paris will at age 76 attempt to break this record by departing from St. Augustine Florida, crossing the start line in Bermuda, returning to the same and thence to St. Augustine breaking Morgan's record and setting a new record from the nation's oldest city. Start date November 2013.

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A successful circumnavigation will demonstrate that with modern design and at a reasonable cost a boat can be produced in the United Statesthat can solo circumnavigate, entirely green and in record time thus demonstrating a fast short handed family cruiser.

From the Owner:

"Having previously circumnavigated with an assortment of family and friends I appreciate that having speed usually provided for more comfort, enabled me to avoid bad weather and provided more time at destinations. It's great being out there but the goal is to get to the destination and on time." Stanley Paris

All cruise boats should be capable of being sailed solo. Even if there are three on board, and often it's just a couple, one is asleep while the other is on watch and so it's down to solo. Solo for handling the sails and the heavy weather. In fact in heavy weather it's often down to the one sailor for several watches on end and at such times a sea kindly and dry boat capable of being completely sailed from the protected cockpit is a must.

Being a physical therapist steeped in issues related to safety and ergonomics I created an owners brief that would define comfort, safety and ease of handling. After all being in my seventies is not like being in my twenties. Now I like to enjoy a cocktail and relax watching the boat go fast and easy.

But Why the Circumnavigation

In part to honor the memory of the late Dodge Morgan who took the record for a circumnavigation in a cruise boat from 256 days down to 150 days. It's time to show that it can be done in far less.

A circumnavigation above all tests/proves the boat as well as the skipper. At my age it would be impossible to mount a successful challenge if the boat were not designed for speed, sea kindliness, safety and ease of handling. Farr Yacht Design has made this blend and with the skills present in the Maine boating community I was pleased to be able to get Lyman-Morse known for their quality to take on this job.

For my part I have most of my life mixed my professional career as an educator with endurance events such as completing the World Championship Ironman Triathlon in Kona. By appropriate preparation athletes of my age can restore, maintain and enhance a high level of physical functioning provided they get the advice they need from a professional. Being a physical therapist helps me to lead a healthy and productive lifestyle and I recognize that while medicine and surgery may save lives no profession speaks to the quality of those lives better than does physical therapy. As a result I find this challenge most appropriate.

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Stanley is also using the high profile nature of this endeavor to raise funds for the Foundation for Physical Therapy - to donate go to:


For a write up in Cruising World on Stanley's boat, click here:

Layout and Design

November 14, 2011

Lance Buchanan, Project Manager narrates this video that shows the hull mold being pulled off the plug.

December 2011

Thomaston, Maine: Construction of Kiwi Spirit hull 1 of the Farr-designed Paris 63, Lyman-Morse’s new 63 foot performance offshore family cruiser is well underway at Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding. The Paris 63 is a multi-phase project and the dream of Stanley Paris, whose goal is a solo, non-stop, and unassisted and completely green circumnavigation.  He will not only be the oldest person to do so but he is also attempting to beat Dodge Morgan’s record of 150 days. The build schedule is a short intense sprint - compressed into 12 months from design to Kiwi Spirit’s launch date of August 2012. The Paris 63 joins the roster of distinctive semi-custom offerings from Lyman-Morse.

Paris has logged some 60,000 ocean miles since 1983, and has already completed one circumnavigation, three North Atlantic crossing and two Alaska to New Zealand passages as owner and captain of a Nauticat 44, Nauticat 52 and Farr 60. He therefore knows what it takes and had some ideas of what he wanted. “I have not tried to design this boat but merely indicate my preferences and questions and wishing to share ideas from my reading and to know enough to ask questions,” said Paris. “I was drawn to Lyman-Morse because I knew Cabot has completed close to two circumnavigation and is still out there cruising in far away destinations. And because LM team is staffed with serious bluewater and America’s Cup sailors, I knew they would not only be game but are also on their game when it comes to my mission.” 

An easy to manage sail plan has never been more important; Bruce Farr and his team have designed and engineered the Paris 63 for speed, sea kindliness, safety and ease of handling. The hydraulic lifting keel will provide excellent offshore performance with a draft of 14’9”. The keel lifts to 8’7” to access most of the world’s harbors. The epoxy infused carbon, E-glass and Kevlar hull with a thermo-formed core will ensure a stiff light-weight hull while a water-ballast system allows the boat to be trimmed for speed and comfort. Looks-wise, the Paris 63 is classic Farr, the wide beam carried a long way aft allows for an excellent working cockpit and an expanse below that one finds on most yachts of over 70 feet. This enables the interior to give comfort even during the most arduous passages. Farr drew a hard dodger semi-enclosed cockpit to provide excellent protection from the weather. The coach roof can be used as a step to reef the main and the boat has been set up with solar panels around the deck and pilothouse very much like the Open 60s. The cockpit benches will be 7 feet in length for a sleeping option.

Paris will be 77 in November 2013, the circumnavigation departure date. To that end, where possible sail handling will be operated from the cockpit and special attention was given to the correct ergonomics of the winches and their positioning. Paris’ expertise as physical therapist plays a large role here as all sail handling systems will be manual. Designed and fitted out to withstand the rigors of such an undertaking - redundancy and backup equipment is also a part of the build package. Five watertight bulkheads with pumps in each area; manual pumps in the main salon and on deck; a Y-valved raw water intake to the engine can be reversed to act as an additional bilge pump; and inflatable bags will all be installed. The hull will also be reinforced with a Kevlar hybrid in the forward sections.

Once Stanley takes delivery August 2012 Phase 1 of the sailing program begins. He plans to spend the time before November 2013 participating in various regattas and distance racing such as the Marion Bermuda Race, the 2012 ARC Rally from the Canaries to St. Lucia and the RORC sponsored Caribbean 600.  To accommodate Phase 1, Kiwi Spirit will be finished with a “cruising interior” with the understanding that certain components will be removed for Phase II/Solo Circumnavigation.

Phase I accommodations include three cabins with owner’s stateroom aft, 2 guest cabins (one equipped with bunks and the other with a double berth) and three full heads with separate showers. A large galley amidships will be outfitted with 2 top loading refrigerator/freezers, two deep and wide sinks, and gimbaled electric stove. Both salt and fresh water will be plumbed to the galley via foot pumps. During Phase ll/Solo Circumnavigation, the interior will be stripped – the salon, navigation station, galley and one head would remain unchanged. Heavy equipment such as air conditioning units and generators will be removed. Forward berths, head and aft stateroom will be removed. The salon settees are designed to function as sea berths.

The usual offshore requirements are all specified: Sole secured for roll over with all storage and drawers built to keep contents well-contained. Every bit of space is used for storage and all tanks are accessible. Handgrips placed throughout: along the overhead, on settee and galley areas. To meet the Green requirement, every possible surface will become a solar receptor. Wind and hydro generators will also be used to charge banks of batteries, and run the autopilot, stove, ballast pumps, lights, electronics and the watermaker. Stanley specified that Kiwi Spirit’s deck design incorporate a toe rail and a boom to catch water.

Electronics and communications programs have been developed by the experienced Lyman-Morse staff with lots of input from Stanley to meet his specific needs. The boat will be outfitted with a B&G Zues multifunction display at the nav station, a PC running MaxSea software with weather routing module, AIS displays on deck and at nav station, Simrad Sirius satellite weather system, full B&G instrument package, NKE autopilot with wireless Man Over Board remote to automatically head the boat up if one were to fall overboard. The Inmarsat fleet broadband will provide “high speed” communications link to Skype. 

 To meet the deadlines, Lyman-Morse is building the composite components (hull, deck and bulkheads), the interior joinery and the complete systems package simultaneously. Lyman-Morse’s in-house engineering team is using 3-D Solid Works modeling software for each part to achieve nearly seamless integration of all elements of the build. The individual components will be combined only in the last months of the process.

Currently the hull mold is complete and the deck mold is under construction along with structural bulkheads and stringers.   Composite components made of E-glass and carbon fiber will be vacuum- infused with epoxy and post cured. Kevlar hybrid is used in the forward sections for added impact resistance.

The interior cabins are being built in modular form – all woodwork, paint and varnish will be completed before installation into the hull.   The interior will be constructed of lightweight materials and solid red birch trim and moldings.

One of the many reasons customers come to LM is the yard’s insistence of a full mock up. The owner literally walks through the boat and makes any needed adjustments. Currently the systems are being mocked up in Thomaston. Machinery mounts, wire harnesses, tanks and plumbing runs will be assembled before the hull receives the interior components.

“This is a great purpose driven project; all of us here at the yard are very excited to be taking part,” said Drew Lyman “It is a real pleasure to work with someone like Stanley who has such a vision. We also believe that there are many others out there who are looking for this type of boat whether they are looking to also do a circumnavigation or to upgrade into an exceptional performance cruising boat.”

Upon his return, Kiwi Spirit will undergo a conversion to a family-style cruising yacht for Paris’ more leisurely cruising aspirations.

LOA: 63'-8
LWL: 57'-5
Beam: 17'-9
Min. Draft: 8'7
Max. Draft: 14'-9
Displacement: 31,750 lbs (14400 kg)
Type: Sail/Racing
Designed By: Farr Yacht Design
Builder: Lyman-Morse
Model: Paris 63
Year: 2012
Construction: composite, vacummed infused with epoxy and post cured
Hull Material: eglass, carbon, kevlar. epoxy

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