Anna - Stephens Waring Modern Classic Sailing Yacht

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We spent the winter and spring months working closely with Paul Waring and Robert Stephens of Stephens Waring Yacht Design and Martha Coolidge of Martha Coolidge Design, together with the owners,to fine-tune the design and construction of this cold-molded 65' modern classic daysailer. As is customary with our custom projects, we built a full-scale mockup of the boat in March, plus an alternative mockup of the master stateroom and guest cabin. This set-up enabled us to walk through a couple of different layouts of the project to further fine tune the cockpit and interior layout according to the owners' wishes. 

Layout and Design

The mission of this modern classic sloopis to provide easy day-sailing to have fun with friends and family.  The roomy cockpit flows into the raised saloon that features large, drop windows in the aft bulkhead for easy socializing and communications between exterior and interior spaces.  Accommodations provide for 6, though overnights and cruising are not top priorities for the owners. However, purposeful crew accommodations for delivery up and down the eastern seaboard were specified. And the owners cabin forward has all the creature comforts commensurate with a yacht of this caliber. 

While the owners’ racing agenda is light, this boat will no doubt perform around buoys or make efficient passagemaking the norm. The sloop-rigged yacht is fitted with a large main and self-tacking jib for easy everyday sailing.  The yacht is made race ready by switching to the manually tacked 105% working jib along with downwind sails and cruising spinnaker to help round out the inventory in races or sailing on lighter days. 

The talent of every LM department will be tapped. Precision on every front is required in such a highly engineered boat. The cold molded hull construction is a transparent one in that the hull and structure is left exposed on the interior rather than being covered up with ceiling and hull panels. Douglas fir deck beams, traditional raised and v-groove paneling, bright varnish and white painted surfaces will make it a light, airy enclave.   LM Fabrication will manufacture the gorgeous gleaming, custom designed deck hardware including the rail systems, butterfly hatch hardware, amidships boarding step and various structural components.  Martha Coolidge Design has worked closely with the owners to fine-tune the meticulously designed interior spaces.  

Our systems team will step up to the task with high-tech push button hydraulic systems, including the amidships boarding platform and the anchor launching system. To the deploy the anchor, one simply opens the hatch and presses a button, the custom hydraulic anchor launching system deploys and hoists the anchor hands free. While underway the anchor stows neatly and flush below the teak deck hatch. Once at anchor, the amidships board platform can also be deployed. The platform will be operated by push button hydraulics. A stainless steel stair will fold out automatically into position as the platform is lowered.  This all in one platform with stainless swim ladder provides for the easiest access to tenders, docks, and whatever waters invite you for a swim. 

LM CNC Machine: Transom

LM CNC Machine: Transom

Length: 26m

SY Anna, a 65’ Cold-Molded Duet of Design and Technology

SY Anna, a 65’ Cold-Molded Duet of Design and Technology

Length: 2m 21s

LOA: 65'6
LWL: 47'10
Beam: 16'10
Draft: 8'0
Displacement: approx 57,000lbs
Sail Area: approx 2000
Type: Sailing
Designed By: Stephens Waring Yacht Design
Builder: Lyman-Morse
Model: 65' Cold Molded Sailing Yacht
Year: 2017
Construction: Composite cold-molded wood laminates
Configuration: Sloop
Horsepower: SteyrMO164

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