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Whitehawk Comes to Lyman-Morse

To yacht connoisseurs, WHITEHAWK is known as a masterpiece of majestic proportion. By appreciative sailors, she is heralded as one of the world’s most splendid ketches. with her sleek, traditional lines and impeccable detailing, she certainly is nothing short of a spectacular showcase for fine wood craftsmanship.

Styled after the famous Herreshoff racing vessel Ticonderoga, the 105’ WHITEHAWK was designed by renowned Maine yacht designer Bruce King and commissioned in 1978. Her hull is one of the largest ever built using the Wood Epoxy Saturation Technique (WEST SYSTEM), which insures superior strength along with incredible lightness.  Built in Rockland by O. Lie Nielsen, she is back in Maine this winter for a stay at Lyman-Morse.

We hauled her late last week and she is safely tucked away in the shed ready for a winter's worth of work.  We'll be replacing the teak decks this winter -- no small feat for a boat of this size!  Check back often as we update photos showing our progress.  

Photos courtesy of the talented Mr. Peach Frederick.

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